Mobile Readiness Day!

Mobile Readiness

The 21st of April was ‘Mobile’ deadline day, the day on which Google stipulated that websites not designed with mobile devices in mind would be given a lower ranking in search results by the Google search algorithm.

Some of you may ask why Google would do this, but the fact of the matter is that 2014 was the first time mobile internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic, with usage expected to increase perpetually. What this information translates into is that more people are using their mobile devices to view websites and if not optimised for mobile viewing, then it’s ‘bye-bye birdy’ to your competitor.

The problem however, is that there are a multitude of mobile devices to cater for, from smartphones, to tablets, to smart watches and all these devices have different screens sizes to view effectively the same content.

The following summary (from the Global Web Index) shows the global popularity of using different digital devices.

Smartphone stats

Google recently conducted a study that found the following:

  • 72 per cent of users expect websites to work on mobile platforms
  • 61 per cent will leave a website that is not mobile friendly
  • 85 per cent of adult users expect a mobile website to be as good as the desktop version.

So what’s the answer?

One website to serve them all – This is where ‘Responsive Web Design’ comes in, as it is probably the best method to cater for all these different devices and requirements. Neither a mobile website nor a desktop website, responsive design creates a ‘multi-device website’ that looks and works perfectly – regardless of the device or display size used.

This design method enables you to have a single content source with a dynamic User Interface (UI) that adjusts for each device to display the same content in different ways on different screens. Easier to maintain and cheaper than developing separate sites and applications for each device, the ‘Responsive Web Design’ method is the most cost effective, structured, and efficient way to ensure mobile readiness.

The question your business needs to be asking itself is, is our website mobile friendly or are we ready to disappear into extinction against our competitors like the dinosaurs. Why not find out by using our free testing tool.

Clinton K.