Making Map Movies

There are some really cool and easy visualisations you can do with different online mapping platforms currently available.

In previous posts we have linked to visualisations using the CartoDB Torque function to create some interesting maps. CartoDB Torque uses a time and date column in your table to animate your data.

This time we have used the torque function to visualise some local data for an area in Tweed Heads.

The moving dots on the map represent where people are travelling from. To create this we have taken: the MDS Profiles – Journey to Work data, which gives the location at an SA1 level of where people live and work; along with RoadNET Comprehensive for the routing component. We are then using a routable network to figure out the most likely route for a person to take.

The movement is not real-time, but exaggerated to show the areas people are travelling from to go to work in one area of Tweed Heads.

One you have the visualisation created, you can use screen capture software to easily turn your animation into a movie like the one above. Do you have temporal datasets that you can show off in the same manner?