Easy Map Visualisation

There are some really cool and easy visualisations you can do with different online mapping platforms now available.

ArcGIS Online Smart Mapping

ArcGIS Online has recently included new functionality to easily create an interesting visualisation from your data. The new Smart Mapping option helps you to figure out the best way to display your data, taking into consideration what your data ranges are and the type of data that is in your table.

We have had a look at some spending data on Sunscreen. We wanted to see if there was a difference within an area on sunscreen spend, but weren’t sure how to easily show this. The data set used here is MDS Profiles – Spend.


The above image shows what happens when you initially load the layer onto the map. You can see the default colours and style.

However, it is now really easy to change this style to better show the story you are telling. By simply clicking a couple of buttons you can change the map to look like this:


You can even easily change from colours to symbol sizes so that you can easily see the base map information for reference.


The introduction of smart mapping in ArcGIS Online makes it really easy for anyone to style data. You no longer have to be a professional cartographer to make maps look good! Click out the latest version of the software and see how the updates can benefit you.