Place/Suggest in Action

After previously talking about our place/suggest service and what it can do, we received requests to actually see something in action. What better way to understand! So we’ve put this demo together for you.

What does place/suggest do?

What we have is a demo where you start typing your location and based on the information provided you are given suggestions to choose from. Simple really. What you can do with these suggestions, however, can range from zooming to the address as this demo does, to much more complicated actions – believe me.


So you see there are options to search by address, suburb/postcode or fast food. Choose one of these buttons and start typing in the input box (it’s okay, go and find your address… I’ll wait)

Once you select one of the options the map will zoom to that location and place a marker on the point.

What about your data?

Do you want to be able to search across something other than addresses or suburbs/postcodes? Do you have your own data to use? If you have data with a text field to search we can search and suggest it.

Suggesting addresses is an easy and quick way for users to find locations. This search can always be customised by using your own data.