Data visualisation using HERE data and mapping tools

As the saying goes – a picture says a thousand words

Because of the way the human brain works, it’s much easier for people to understand data represented in a chart or on a graph rather than hidden away in spreadsheets or reports. Data visualisation is key to making data analytics approachable and conveying analysis results effectively.

In its raw form, data can be essentially meaningless. Without the ability to compare and contrast, highlight trends and predict outcomes, the value of data remains trapped. By taking raw datasets and representing them in a visual format, analysts can unlock a wealth of insights and gain a greater understanding of any situation.

Combining the latest visualisation technologies with the huge amounts of data available from companies like HERE – a leader in mapping, navigation and location experiences – allows you to present your data on striking, interactive maps that are not only informative, but also highly engaging.

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It seems there’s a Twitter map for just about anything.

Twitter has become the de facto standard for real-time communication about global events, and as such it gives you real insights into what’s happening in the world at any given moment. Imagine the insights you could get if you could visualise this on a map! Well you can, and it’s becoming really popular.

show us some cool stuff…

I’d thought you’d never ask.

Scottish Independence Referendum

Uk Map

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