Building your Foundation Map tool kit

At MapData Services we’re constantly trying to expand the number of APIs and tools through which you can access our Foundation Map. Today I’m going to talk about using the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript to display the MDS Foundation Map.

The best place to start is to jump right into the MapData Services API documentation where you will find useful information on functionality, security and example code. We will be using the “Tile” API endpoint, I have included a screenshot to demonstrate how to navigate to this page.

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Turbo Charging Foundation Map

Sometimes you feel the need for speed. At MapData Services we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services. Recently, we’ve introduced a change to our Foundation Map that has massively improved the performance by up to 60 per cent in some instances…

The need for speed

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Indoor navigation, a new frontier…

Here at MapData Services we like to push the boundaries of spatial technology. An exciting area at the moment is indoor navigation and mapping. We’ve got a long history of developing online locators and trip planners for all sorts of different companies, now we’re starting to look at taking that experience one step further – not just guiding people to the door – but also inside the building.

Indoor Navigation

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Store Bought Wi-Fi Visitor Analytics

Today I am going to discuss an exciting new area of location technology called Visitor Analytics. In my previous post, I covered how to make a Wi-Fi based solution to monitor foot traffic using RaspberryPi kit computers. The focus of this post will be on MapData Services’ Wi-Fi based Visitor Analytics offering, that brings a lot more polish to the concepts I discussed previously.


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The foundations of a great base map

The MDS Foundation Map brings an accurate, high quality digital base map to Australia and New Zealand. With the flexibility to work with other platforms such as ArcGIS Online.

Setting up the MDS Foundation Map to work with ArcGIS is a relatively simple process.

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A beautiful mind – mapping the music tours of Australia

Image_A Beautiful Mind

Just the other day I was reading the popular Australian music website and I came across an article that I found interesting. It was discussing the frustration live music fans have with bands not touring in areas outside the east coast of Australia. The original reddit post was made by Luke Penman – he drew this map to describe his frustration:
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It seems there’s a Twitter map for just about anything.

Twitter has become the de facto standard for real-time communication about global events, and as such it gives you real insights into what’s happening in the world at any given moment. Imagine the insights you could get if you could visualise this on a map! Well you can, and it’s becoming really popular.

show us some cool stuff…

I’d thought you’d never ask.

Scottish Independence Referendum

Uk Map

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Homemade Raspberry Pi Indoor Wi-Fi Analytics

Recently I have been working with the Raspberry Pi kit computer to create a homemade indoor Wi-Fi Analytics solution just like momma used to make. For those of you who don’t know; Raspberry Pi is the name of a particular type of mini kit computer you can buy that runs Linux – and not a delicious type of pie!

Raspberry Pi

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Just a suggestion

Map MarkerPreviously I talked about the place/suggest service which allows you to input text and get suggested results based on that input.

I’ve pulled together a guide to show you how to make a request to the suggest service, and then use the returned coordinates to place a marker on a map. I’ve used leaflet for this which is an open source solution.

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