Building your Foundation Map tool kit

At MapData Services we’re constantly trying to expand the number of APIs and tools through which you can access our Foundation Map. Today I’m going to talk about using the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript to display the MDS Foundation Map.

The best place to start is to jump right into the MapData Services API documentation where you will find useful information on functionality, security and example code. We will be using the “Tile” API endpoint, I have included a screenshot to demonstrate how to navigate to this page.

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A beautiful mind – mapping the music tours of Australia

Image_A Beautiful Mind

Just the other day I was reading the popular Australian music website and I came across an article that I found interesting. It was discussing the frustration live music fans have with bands not touring in areas outside the east coast of Australia. The original reddit post was made by Luke Penman – he drew this map to describe his frustration:
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The final frontier (part 3 of the Dynamic Tiling saga)

Previously I spoke about the Dynamic Tile Service and how it creates tile images in real-time; its ability to easily create custom styles and colours for maps; and, its ability to tile point and polygon data sets.

In this post I will be talking about how the Dynamic Tile Service can further solve Big Data problems by allowing users to view thousands of interactive features such as pop-ups showing point detail instantly when the browser loads using the UTFGrid JSON web service.

As we have previously stated, viewing Big Data on a map brings a unique set of challenges to web based applications as browsers cannot process massive data sets all at once, instantly. This leaves users waiting for information to load and is probably contributing to the bounce rate of many web-based map applications.

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