Making Map Movies

There are some really cool and easy visualisations you can do with different online mapping platforms currently available.

In previous posts we have linked to visualisations using the CartoDB Torque function to create some interesting maps. CartoDB Torque uses a time and date column in your table to animate your data.

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Digital mapping’s dynamic makeover (part 1 of the Dynamic Tiling saga)

Over the coming weeks I’ll be talking about a new platform we’re calling the Dynamic Tile Service which delivers our high quality map tiles – in a jiffy.

As its name suggests, the Dynamic Tile Service creates map image tiles at the time when they are requested (dynamically) – rather than returning them from a pre-built cache of tile images. This has allowed us to add some pretty nifty features including the ability to support:

  • Custom styles;
  • Custom datasets; and,
  • A detailed view of thousands of map features right in the browser – instantly.

So what does all this really mean? Well, I’ll break it down for you.

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